United States to impose new sanctions on Iran

  • United States to impose new sanctions on Iran

United States to impose new sanctions on Iran

In a telephone call with Trump on Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron stressed the importance of abiding by the nuclear deal and, in an apparent effort to win the US president over, emphasized the need to enforce it rigorously.

"All parties should uphold the deal", French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told reporters in Brussells, where European diplomats held a meeting attended by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

Mr Trump has criticised the deal, which saw sanctions lifted when Iran agreed to limit its nuclear fuel production.

Trump is likely to pair his decision to renew the concessions to Tehran with new, targeted sanctions on Iranian businesses and people, the American officials said.

"There are many activities outside of the Iran deal, whether it be ballistic missiles, whether it be other issues, that we will continue to sanction that are outside the JCPOA, human rights violations", he said. Now they tell me that a growing number of Trump's advisers see the protests as a sign that their sabotage of Iran's investment flows is working.

Such a balance may satisfy Trump's demand to raise pressure on Iran, while not embarking on a frontal assault on the most central trade-offs of the 2015 accord, which the president has blasted as the "worst deal ever".

Despite the Iran nuclear deal, the United States has kept on slapping separate sanctions on Iran, accusing the country of having a ballistic missiles program as well as human rights abuses. This would be a very powerful gesture that fulfills his campaign promise to make America safe again. Iranian people have every right to all its dividends... It has now been almost 90 days since Trump's October 13 decertification, and he is scheduled to report on Iranian compliance and American national security issues once again on Friday. But he refused to follow the same advice in October, even though the International Atomic Energy Agency continued to report that Iran was living up to its essential obligations under the JCPOA. This conflict has been given new focus by the anticipation of Trump's latest decisions, to which the Iranians responded with preemptive threats. "Considering Trump's multiple tweets regarding the recent protests in Iran, it is obvious that the U.S. president is trying to take advantage of the situation and is attempting to look for a reason, any reason, to put more pressure on Iran".

Top European diplomats offered Iran's foreign minister blanket support Thursday for the landmark nuclear deal with Tehran even as the White House weighs whether to step away from the pact.

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad may have enjoyed a good chuckle over an Iranian official's warning on Monday. Therefore, Iran's response to Trump's next move will in essence have less to do with his reaction and more to do with what Europe may do next. Barack Obama has been raked over the coals for allegedly not supporting Iranian protesters in 2009, but two weeks after the most recent protests began, Trump's ostensible "support" has not made any positive difference for Iranians. Hardline Republican Sens. Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz want sanctions back if Iran launches any ballistic missiles capable of targeting territory outside of Iran, such as Israel or Saudi Arabia, and not just an intercontinental missile.