Kellyanne Conway: 'Nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton'

  • Kellyanne Conway: 'Nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton'

Kellyanne Conway: 'Nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton'

"But look, so many people still can't get over the election results".

The back-and-forth between Cuomo and Conway - who have often debated on CNN before, including one exchange in July that lasted 35 minutes without commercial interruption - continued on Thursday morning with Cuomo needling Conway for her comments on Twitter.

After playing a clip of Conway on Wednesday night denying that anyone in the White House talks about Hillary Clinton, CNN host Alisyn Camerota read a Thursday morning tweet from Conway that purportedly "clarified" her earlier remarks about denying her and President Donald Trump's obsession with their former rival.

"I know people love to talk about how we're so obsessed with Hillary Clinton here", Conway said on "Fox & Friends". After an interview on #Fox News the following morning where she once again doubled down on criticism of Clinton, Conway chose to gloat [VIDEO] about the ratings.

Though New Day closed out 2017 with unprecedented ratings, it is regularly trounced by breakfast titan Fox & Friends, which averaged a staggering 1.6 million viewers a year ago. Conway then made a decision to continue her criticism during a Fox News interview on January 11.

Conway, who is known for making unusual statement such as suggesting that microwaves can turn into cameras that can spy on people, may have insisted that Clinton's name is never mentioned but Trump clearly did not get the memo. Nobody here talks about her. "Hey, Chris, nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton, I promise you". "Hillary was not for a strong military and Hillary - my opponent - was for windmills", Trump said. What's unique about Conway is that she does not even truly do that, because neither she nor anyone else speaks for this president. The Washington Post points out that since taking office, Trump has tweeted about Clinton or "Crooked Hillary" about 70 times. I'll make you a deal, Chris.

"You just brought her up", Cuomo said.