Have you experienced WhatsApp's new quick switch feature?

  • Have you experienced WhatsApp's new quick switch feature?

Have you experienced WhatsApp's new quick switch feature?

In this update, the WhatsApp users can use the beta version of video call option.

The current version of WhatsApp forces you to end a voice call before you can switch to a video call, so the new feature should save you a little bit of time and unnecessary hassle. With this new update, the user gets an option to request the other person to make a video call in between the voice call. The update allows users switch from voice call to video call with one tap. As per the report on WABetaInfo, the feature now works with Android 6.0 and above Operating Systems. Do you think that this feature will be useful to you?

With this new feature, the users will see a new button on the screen which will directly switch the audio call to video call or video call to audio.

Such small changes show how WhatsApp under the wing of Facebook is slowly evolving as a mobile communication app.

The beta version gives every user an access to all new features ahead of public rollout. With this new feature, you don't have to cut the call and go to the chat list to create a video call.

WhatsApp, the world's most used cross platform instant messaging app has evolved a lots since its availability. This option should appear during your voice calls. If the user rejects the request of the video call during a voice call, the voice call will continue.

After all, there are times when a voice call may be initiated between two strangers or people who are talking for the first time for a objective. Well, WhatsApp does let its user make voice and video calls to each other. In order to better focus on its development and usability, the team has stopped releasing updates on Windows phones, Blackberry and old Nokia phones as they are no longer supported by their original manufacturers.