Deadly flu season hits California particularly hard

  • Deadly flu season hits California particularly hard

Deadly flu season hits California particularly hard

The CDC noted in its report that the last week of 2017 saw influenza activity "sharply" increase in the USA, with the most common type of flu being influenza A (H3).

However, Murti said those figures are an underestimate of the actual number of cases, as most people don't seek medical attention for flu and, therefore, aren't tested.

The last week of 2017 saw Iowa finally join most other states in experiencing what the Centers for Disease Control calls "widespread" influenza virus, up from "regional" for the week before.

The state has reported 27 flu-related deaths among people under age 65 so far this season - at least five times the number typically seen by now.

Nationally, about 80 percent of flu cases have been caused by the H3N2 strain that made for an especially lethal flu season in Australia.

Vaccine manufacturers, the World Health Organization and others are studying the situation to determine if that was the case, she said.

Experts say this season's 25 fatal flu cases comes after just two flu-related deaths at this point a year ago. California only records flu-related deaths of people under age 65, largely because fatalities among older people are so common that reporting them all would overwhelm surveillance systems.

It's the first Monday back for many on holiday break and experts are warning flu season is expected to be worse than previous years due to this year's flu vaccine not being very effective.

Across California and the rest of the United States, the widespread flu season has led to some temporary shortages of flu medications (such as Tamiflu) in certain pharmacies, according to the CDC.

Antiviral drugs are different from antibiotics.

But the rapid spike in cases, combined with the fact that the dominant flu strain in circulation is known to be a nasty one, has some experts concerned that this season could keep getting worse.

The nasal spray, however, is not thought to be a worthwhile preventative measure against this flu. Oseltamivir is available in different formulations in generic and under the trade name 'Tamiflu, ' and zanamivir is available under the tradename 'Relenza, ' " she wrote. In comparison, there were a total of eight influenza deaths in the county last season, said county health officials.

"There was an increase in demand across the province - about a 23 per cent increase - for pharmacies", he said. High-dose vaccines are recommended for elderly people, who also are exceptionally vulnerable to illness, hospitalization and death related to the flu, according to the CDC.

"If you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, it's a great time to get it".

Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.

One of the most important things you can do to help prevent the spread of the flu virus is to wash your hands thoroughly, and often.