Trump wants immigration compromise - and border wall

  • Trump wants immigration compromise - and border wall

Trump wants immigration compromise - and border wall

In September, Trump said he was scrapping the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but then delayed enforcement to give Congress six months - until March - to craft a lasting solution.

On Tuesday, Trump said he a "permanent" solution was needed for the Dreamers, but also insisted on the importance of border security, especially with Mexico.

So let the euphemism battle begin.

In describing the need for a wall, the president said it didn't need to be a "2,000-mile wall".

Kelly often discussed being open to meeting with Democrats as much as Republicans, and spoke of sympathy toward the DACA population.

The White House declared the meeting a success in a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

The immigration talks pit a president who made the construction of a border wall a central piece of his 2016 campaign against congressional Democrats who have sought to preserve the Obama-era protections for the young immigrants.

Lankford acknowledged that the meeting got "confusing", saying though Trump at the beginning defined "DACA" as a deal that included DACA plus border security and two other areas of reform, it was unclear during some parts of the meeting.

House Republicans said they planned to soon introduce legislation to address border security and the young immigrants.

"Maybe we can do something", Trump said.

"Our focus is on the four things that I laid out".

And Democrats signaled they could accept some sort of fenching.

Now, Democrats are trying to protect just the DACA enrollees, while Republicans continue pushing for almost all of their demands. We will see how that goes.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.

When I wrote earlier this morning that an immigration deal was possible, I didn't realize that President Trump was about to host a White House meeting on the very subject. He added, however, that both parties should pass a "bill of love" to ensure Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program recipients continue to be protected, while also ensuring national security.

Texas Republicans have more at stake than anyone as Washington's border security deliberations drag on.

Democrats need a net gain of 24 seats to win control of the House in November. "That's where our negotiation is and that's phase one", she said at a regular White House briefing. "The pressure is coming for the Democrats from the Dreamers to not cut a bad deal". And those people who don't want to vote to legalize DACA kids are going to have to explain why that they haven't wanted to protect the vulnerable people that we're all here talking about. "President Donald Trump is going to have to bless a deal, [and] that is a formidable challenge".

Sen. Lindsey Graham of SC urged President Trump Tuesday to back his efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform. A few days ago, he once again asked Congress for the necessary funding for this wall, which means that American citizens are definitely going to be paying for it. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains why this project must be halted before we waste billions of dollars on a project that will do absolutely nothing for this country.

"R$3 ight now, the Democrats are holding that deal hostage for a DACA negotiation".

But the political risks for them are huge. But a report from The New York Times on Monday makes it clearer than ever that Trump cares less about border security and more about erecting a giant, meaningless monument to his ego.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. suggested an "easy way out" of the stalemate.

Trump responded, "I would like it". "Unless the wall is 35,000 feet high, it's not going to do much to stop those overstaying these visas", Robert Warren, a fellow at the Center for Migration Studies, told the Times.

Mexican officials have said they do not intend to pay for a wall.