Samsung will add Bixby to its 2018 smart TVs

  • Samsung will add Bixby to its 2018 smart TVs

Samsung will add Bixby to its 2018 smart TVs

Samsung will be continuing its Family Hub refrigerator range into 2018, with the addition of new smart features as it comes under attack from the LG Instaview ThinQ rival.

South-Korean tech giant Samsung will be showcasing the next generation of its Family Hub refrigerators today at the CES 2018. It can help you stay connected, organized, and entertained.

But this year, the Family Hub also gets SmartThings support - Samsung's own Internet of Things ecosystem that works with thousands of other smart home devices. So from this fridge's screen, you can adjust a SmartThings-compatible thermostat or view what's happening outside your front door or in another room of the house with a SmartThings-compatible camera. You can answer your Ring doorbell through the refrigerator screen, for example, seeing who is standing at your doorstep in the process. Well, apart from hearing Miss Bixby from speaking clearly, you will be able to stream music from Pandora, which is one of the built-in app, and also stream music from your smartphone, you will also be able to have videos playing on the fridge's display as well. New for 2018, Meal Planner takes food management to a more personalized level by providing recipes for the family based on food preferences, dietary restrictions and food expirations dates.

But there's also a new Deals app that helps you find great bargains and save them to your virtual Shopping List, or a loyalty card. So the morning readout that happens when you ask "Hi Bixby, what's new?" will theoretically feature the correct calendar appointments and not someone else's. Users can access millions of songs through various music streaming platforms and live radio apps, and mirror their Samsung Smart TV1. For richer audio experience, Samsung has used speakers by AKG Acoustics this time. This will ensure that there is a Family Hub configuration to meet the needs of all consumers.