Brokenshire resigns as NI secretary

  • Brokenshire resigns as NI secretary

Brokenshire resigns as NI secretary

Following a meeting with Conservative leader May, 50-year-old James Brokenshire, whose job had been to represent Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom cabinet and oversee, announced he was to step down ahead of major lung surgery, Efe news agency reported.

Brokenshire was criticised for continually resetting deadlines in talks to restore the region's power-sharing government.

Born in Southend-on-Sea in, Essex, James studied his A-levels at Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form studies, and later law at the University of Exeter.

She was selected for Staffordshire Moorlands in July 2006 and was returned to Parliament at the general election in 2010.

Despite studious efforts by Brokenshire to be seen as an honest broker, some of the parties said a deal by the DUP a year ago to prop up May's government made this impossible.

Why did James Brokenshire resign from the Cabinet?

The UK's Secretary of State for Northern Ireland on Monday resigned while Prime Minister Theresa May embarked on the most substantial cabinet reshuffle since losing her party's majority in June.

A government source says he will be citing "ill-health", which will be confirmed in an official letter to the British Prime Minister this morning.

However, she will now have to appoint a successor for Mr Brokenshire. "Clearly, my long term health and my family are my priorities and I intend to proceed with surgery at the earliest opportunity", he wrote.

"While the operation is expected to address the issue and I will get back to work relatively quickly, recovering from surgery and regaining my strength will take several weeks".

He said: "In the best interests of the people of Northern Ireland and the Government as a whole, with much regret, I believe that the right thing at this time is for me to stand down from my current responsibilities".