OnePlus 5T now available in Sandstone White finish

  • OnePlus 5T now available in Sandstone White finish

OnePlus 5T now available in Sandstone White finish

Well, they are 100% accurate, as OnePlus has just published a teaser that basically confirms the new device.

The new model features a stark black logo and buttons to match, which contrast very well with the matte white chassis. The OnePlus 5T model differentiated itself with a larger 6-inch AMOLED display squeezed into a phone about the same size as the original.

Better still, OnePlus isn't charging anything extra for this "limited edition" model, even though the machining methods to create it are apparently "the most expensive we have ever produced".

The white OnePlus 5T is strictly "until supplies last", although OnePlus hasn't given us any indication of just how numerous color variant it plans to produce. The black version has a smooth rear, but the white variant brings back that classic rough "Sandstone" feel OnePlus utilised on its earlier phones. There's also a splash of colour in the form of a red alert- slider. Next, our team sandblasted the phone with a mixture of natural minerals and white oil paint to give this limited edition device the white visual effect and sandstone feel.

The Sandstone White model is only available with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and it will go on sale on January 9 at 10am United Kingdom on OnePlus' website. Finally, UV layer is used to refine the texture of the phone and ensure hardness and durability. The company has released other phones and cases with the sandstone textured finish in the past, but this is the first time it's been applied to a metal device and the first time it's been available in white.

The OnePlus 5T will go on sale on Tuesday January 9 starting at $499 in the US; CA$659 in Canada; £449 in the United Kingdom; and €499 in the rest of Europe.