Justin Amash responds to Sessions' marijuana enforcement

  • Justin Amash responds to Sessions' marijuana enforcement

Justin Amash responds to Sessions' marijuana enforcement

At 8:58 a.m. ET Thursday, Gardner learned through Twitter of a Justice Department decision that would soon lead him to the Senate floor with a fiery speech railing against the attorney general.

Yesterday, the Attorney General rescinded the Cole Memo on marijuana prosecutions and directed that federal marijuana prosecution decisions be governed by the same principles that govern all federal prosecution decisions.

Brian Vicente, a Denver attorney who co-wrote Colorado's 2012 constitutional amendment legalizing recreation marijuana, said the industry will closely examine the background of any new USA attorney nominees.

Washington state leaders slammed the Trump administration's move Thursday to roll back Obama-era leniency on legalized marijuana, saying they'll defend the will of state voters who approved recreational pot and the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue that comes with it. "Floridas industry is in its infancy, but the players are giants, big companies with a lot of money". You should also note that more than half the states now have legalized marijuana for medical use.

Lawmakers in New Hampshire legalized therapeutic cannabis, often called medical marijuana, in 2013 for patients whose physicians certify that they have specific "qualifying" medical conditions and symptoms.

With the biggest state in the country now selling recreational marijuana and MA ready to start in a matter of months it's a sure bet that legalizing pot will once again be a hot issue when the General Assembly session opens in February.

According to Brown Oregon's marijuana industry has created over 19,000 jobs since it was legalized in 2015.

"We're going to be the first entity that many of these folks are going to be visiting", Lucero said. Cannabis became legal for recreational use this week in California, and it has been legal in Colorado and Washington since 2012.

The Justice Department's memo told states that it would return to "the rule of law and the rescission of previous guidance documents".

While lawmakers were quick to defend OR state law, Coos County cannabis dispensaries seem to be uncertain, but ultimately unworried about the changes. "I won't let that happen".

"We will not be bullied by an out-of-town and out-of-touch politician", Wesson said. The new uncertainty about how prosecutors will deal with this will only make it harder. But they can push legislation to protect marijuana sales.

"Kate Brown is on our side and that's good to know", McKinley said. And it will undoubtedly add to existing confusion over use and enforcement.

Gardner said a compromise may be possible - but that it will require the Trump administration to get more heavily involved in the negotiations and clear about precisely what it wants. We have and will continue to handle violations of the criminal statutes. "Last time I checked he was still President".

The City of North Bend sees this as a federal issue that will have little effect on the city.

States and localities - not federal prosecutors - would be responsible for low-level pot dealing and use, one of Cole's memos said. "And I'm all in", Lilga said.

"There is a conflict between state and federal law regarding marijuana use, and Congress should provide certainty so that federal law enforcement policy can't change depending on who runs the Department of Justice". Elizabeth Warren, who called on Congress to act immediately to protect marijuana laws in MA and other states.

The association suffered a separate setback December 28 when a state Supreme Court judge dismissed its lawsuit that meant to block the state Health Department from doubling the number of companies permitted to grow and distribute medical marijuana in NY.