Burnout Paradise Remaster Coming to PS4 in Japan

Burnout Paradise first released in 2008 as an open-world raced for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

It has been many years since Criterion moved on from the Burnout series. Meanwhile, back in early December, Brazilian site, GamePress, reported that a Burnout Paradise HD remaster may be releasing in March 2018.

The confirmation came from a Japanese store listing that only had the PS4 edition, but it's nearly certain it'll come to both PS4 and Xbox One. In Japan it will cost ¥4,104, which converts to around $35.

That remaster rumour is now solidifying after a Japanese street date tracker, Twitter account Renka_schedule, dug up a day and a price for Burnout Paradise HD Remaster.

Indeed, later Burnout games positively encouraged the player to see how much vehicular mayhem they could cause, which was another reason why we kept booting up the old PS2 games long after the console itself slid into obsolescence.

So, who's pumped to get their Burnout on? It was the last main game in the popular racing series developed by Criterion Games. Excited about Burnout Paradise's possible return?

No gameplay footage or screenshots have been released, so we can't say how much of an upgrade it will be from the original, but we hope it will support the PS4 Pro.