HP recalls battery packs due to burn, fire hazards

  • HP recalls battery packs due to burn, fire hazards

HP recalls battery packs due to burn, fire hazards

The recall is in response to eight reports of batteries "overheating, melting, or charring", HP says.

HP has recalled 50,000 lithium-ion batteries for HP Notebook computers and mobile workstations.

The affected machines were sold at prices from $300 to $4,000 from December 2015 through December 2017 at Best Buy and other stores.

According to the CPSC, consumers should immediately visit HP's recall page to find out if their battery is among those affected by the issue.

If so, there are also instructions on how to put your notebook into "battery safety mode" for the time being - effectively discharging and disabling the battery, meaning you'll have to use the portable plugged into a power socket - while a replacement battery is arranged.

HP will provide a free battery replacement to those affected. Numerous affected batteries are not customer replaceable, so will have to be replaced by HP technicians, the company said in a statement about the recall. Three of those customers also reported property damage totalling $4,500, and one reported a first degree burn on their hand. Numerous batteries, however, are internal to the notebooks and mobile workstations, meaning a technician's services will be necessary to replace them.

HP has set up a recall site and released a BIOS update.

"During the reboot process, an option will be presented to enable Battery Safety Mode", the statement continues.

If you have an HP laptop, you'll want to see if you're impacted by a new voluntary recall.