Mad Catz Roars Back To Life After Bankruptcy

  • Mad Catz Roars Back To Life After Bankruptcy

Mad Catz Roars Back To Life After Bankruptcy

Mad Catz Global Limited, the legendary brand, leading innovation in gaming hardware for nearly three decades, announced today a surprise return to the worldwide gaming scene.

The R.A.T. AIR is a new model of the notable and fully-adjustable gaming mouse, which now features a wireless power system.

A M.O.J.O controller designed for for smartphones released a few years before Mad Catz went bankrupt.

Most gamers remember Mad Catz as the company behind numerous...cheaper versions for most console controllers, so it's likely that company will have a bit of work ahead of them as they strive to re-market themselves as a seller of high-quality goods.

Several months ago, the video game peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, which led many to believe that the company had ceased operations altogether after years of financial troubles.

The revived Mad Catz will be revealing their new line of products, including "R.A.T. mice, S.T.R.I.K.E. keyboards, F.R.E.Q. gaming headsets and G.L.I.D.E. gaming surfaces" at CES 2018. The company bet big on Rock Band 4 and it did not pay off, leading to the company's sudden bankruptcy. Mad Catz Global Limited is headquartered in Kowloon, Hong Kong. All of these new devices (and possibly more) will be shown off at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Verrey confirmed that the company is in talks with former employees and that it assembled a new internal design team in Asia, but it remains to be seen whether any of that means we still get to see the style of products we got from the Mad Catz of yore.

One of Mad Catz initial downfalls was its expansive lineup of products, many of which did not perform as expected.

It's great to see that such a beloved company is making its return this year, but what remains to be seen is whether it will be able to regain the presence it once had within the FGC.

'We couldn't be more excited than to begin 2018 by announcing the return of Mad Catz to the global gaming arena. The director continued to state that "we're already working on delivering products which we believe will enhance gamers' abilities and do justice to the Mad Catz name".

Now, just in time for the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 next week, Mad Catz is back from the dead.