LG Unveils A 4K HDR Projector Ahead Of CES 2018

  • LG Unveils A 4K HDR Projector Ahead Of CES 2018

LG Unveils A 4K HDR Projector Ahead Of CES 2018

The HU80KA is a pretty impressive projector from LG, as the company had looked to solve some of the issues with other high-end projectors, which included difficulty in installing it. The device also supports HDR content (HDR 10) for an immersive cinematic experience in the home. Standard connectivity options include ports for USB, Ethernet and HDMI, as well as wireless support for external devices such as a keyboard and mouse.

In addition to being LG's first UHD projector, HU80KA is apparently also its brightest yet at 2,500 lumens - its full HD projectors top out at 2,000.

While other 4K projectors are short and squat, the HU80KA is a much taller tower that appears to be created to sit directly on the floor rather than on a table or stand.

LG says that its the design and build "gives the projector the capability to show flawless images whether it is placed on the ground, mounted on the wall or hanging from the ceiling". Giving you an incredible viewing experience. This is because projects take up less space than a TV would, and it can also generally project images and videos larger than a TV, although there will be certain aspects you'll have to sacrifice in the process.

"LG's first-ever 4K UHD projector represents the pinnacle of innovation in the portable entertainment market", said Tim Alessi, head of product marketing at LG Electronics USA. Whether that be on the floor or mounted from the ceiling. Also there is the Auto Cord feature, allowing the cable to quickly wind up so that it makes moving the projector even easier. The LG HU80KA comes with LG's own webOS 3.5 installed.

With the announcement of the LG HU80KA, LG did not mention any pricing or availability for this projector. We are pretty excited to see this portable 4K projector in action at the CES 2018.