Files Season 11 To Be Gillian Anderson's Last

  • Files Season 11 To Be Gillian Anderson's Last

Files Season 11 To Be Gillian Anderson's Last

Gillian Anderson, who plays one half of the iconic duo, the ever skeptic Dana Scully, recently spoke with TVInsider, and confirmed once again that the upcoming season will be her last portrayal of Agent Scully.

It's been almost 25 years since Federal Bureau of Investigation agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully tackled their first case on "The X-Files", which premiered on Fox in September 1993. That time, however, she said that she is still on the fence. Whether or not, "The X-Files" could go on without Anderson is another question entirely. With the show's future up in the air, FOX probably wasn't interested in marketing season 11 as Anderson's final turn in the role, so keeping everything decidedly "undecided" was likely the best way to approach things.

"The X-Files" season 11 is just about to kick off with 10 brand new episodes starting on Wednesday night, January 3 on FOX. In a recent interview with TV Insider, Anderson reiterates her plans to leave the series behind, and even reflects on her surprise at the reaction to her comments from earlier in the year. When asked by reporters whether she was continuing beyond the 11 sup th season, Anderson answered that she believes "this will be it" for her.

"Whether we get to tell them is a question mark", Carter said. To her, this was only going to be a single season revival, and she never said she was going to commit to an all new multi-season run of the show.

"I have to tell you, for me, the whole experience has been surreal", series creator Chris Carter says about the show's long history (which includes a 14-year gap between Seasons 9 and 10).

"The X-Files" returns this Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.