Rockets Fired from Gaza Interrupt Memorial Ceremony

  • Rockets Fired from Gaza Interrupt Memorial Ceremony

Rockets Fired from Gaza Interrupt Memorial Ceremony

Another rocket exploded in open terrain, causing no damage.

Late Saturday, the Israeli army carried out a second attack, with fighter jets "targeted an observation post belonging to the Hamas terror organisation in the southern Gaza Strip", a statement read.

"Recently there has been a growing motivation by Hamas headquarters in the Gaza Strip to carry out terror attacks through operatives in Judea and Samaria", a Shin Bet statement said.

Warning sirens were not triggered by the launch, apparently because the rocket was heading toward an unpopulated area.

The rockets that have been fired from Gaza over the last three weeks reportedly are not being fired by Hamas, but by smaller Gaza terror organisations.

"The Iron Dome air-defense system intercepted two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip", the newspaper reported.

The cell members had been active in promoting terrorist attacks under the guidance of a Hamas activist in the Gaza Strip, according to the agency, and were arrested in November in a joint operation by the IDF, Israel Police and Shin Bet.

The number of rockets and mortar rounds fired into Israel by Palestinians in Gaza has increased markedly since President Trump declared America's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Salim organized the group and attempted to acquire weapons, including an M16 rifle, which would be used to carry out shooting or kidnapping attacks against IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians.

The projectile fell in within the territory of one of Eshkol's regional communities, in the Western Negev region of the country.

Palestinians have been clashing with Israeli forces in the West Bank and along the Gaza border in weekly protests over the decision.