Jesus, Reagan, Clint Eastwood all get votes in Alabama

  • Jesus, Reagan, Clint Eastwood all get votes in Alabama

Jesus, Reagan, Clint Eastwood all get votes in Alabama

The fundraising bid by Sen.

Among the actual public figures who received write-in votes, such as Moore's primary challenger Sen.

Only then did Moore issue a statement alluding to his loss, although still not admitting defeat.

"President Trump is the leader of the Republican Party in America".

CNN reached out to the Alabama Secretary of State's office for comment on whether Moore's filing would affect the process. "Even the Secretary of State himself was forced to stop fraudulent and intimidating advertisements from an organization known as Highway 31, predominantly funded by the Democratic Senate Majority PAC", Moore said in a statement.

Moore said allegations that he was involved with a minor child are "untrue" and said the newspaper "will be sued", drawing a round of applause.

"Why would they come now?" "I've had to fight not only the Democrats but also the Republican Senate Leadership Fund and over $50 million in opposition spending from the Washington establishment".

More than 22,000 voters opted for write-in candidates in the December 12 election, sometimes showing their humor and frustration along the way.

Even if Moore were to step aside, his name would likely remain on the ballot.

State officials did not tally statewide numbers of write-ins but numbers submitted by counties showed that unusual received more than 7,500 votes, roughly a third of the write-in total.

Moore's complaint also alleged "anomalous" higher voter turnout in Jefferson County, in which census data shows 43% of the population is black. The White House has already made clear that Moore should step aside if the allegations are proven to be true. Moore was a twice removed from the position of chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. The Post reported last Thursday that he had sexual with a 14-year-old girl and pursued three other teenagers decades earlier. Instead, he insists that the allegations are false, and part of "a desperate political attack" on his campaign. Asked if that would have been usual for him, Moore said, "Not generally, no".

Some Republicans no doubt breathed a sigh of relief when Moore lost the election to fill Alabama's Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he became U.S. Attorney General.

Moore and his campaign filed a complaint in the Circuit Court of Montgomery, Alabama, listing several allegations and called for "a new special election".