Get ready: two 'supermoons' are heading your way this January

  • Get ready: two 'supermoons' are heading your way this January

Get ready: two 'supermoons' are heading your way this January

In an advisory issued to all businesses located near the coastline, Goa tourism director Menino D'Souza has also cautioned against the supermoon phenomenon occurring once again on January 31. It comes within 10% of its perigee (closest elliptical orbit).

NASA says the Wolf Moon, which is also a supermoon, will appear to be 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than a typical full moon.

2018 is starting off big and bright, as the sky will play host to a "supermoon" Monday night.

At that time, the moon will be 351,268 kilometres from Ireland.

The first full moon in January was known as a "wolf moon" by early Native American tribes, as wolves would howl outside their settlements. The moon's apparent diameter is about 13% bigger than when it is farthest from Earth, so the moon will appear a little brighter and closer than it normally is.

Though it's hard to observe the change in the moon's size during the super moon with the naked eye, such astronomical events may stimulate the interest in astronomy, according to Russian astronomer Vladimir Surdin.

Supermoon 2018 Live Streaming: Sky watchers have got one chance to watch Super Moon after December 3, 2017. During the eclipse, the moon will slowly lose it's brightness and take on a reddish color. It will be extra special. But, this Blue Moon, which is also a Supermoon, will bring another treat.

The 2nd of the trilogy of Supermoons occurs New Year's Day night.

How can you see the supermoon?

As NASA notes, some folks call the second full moon in a single month a blue moon, and they occur about every two and a half years. The term "blue" actually has nothing to do with the color it will be, which is often red due to the total lunar eclipse, hence the term "blood".