Muslim women have applied to perform Haj without 'mehram', says Modi

  • Muslim women have applied to perform Haj without 'mehram', says Modi

Muslim women have applied to perform Haj without 'mehram', says Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation on Sunday in his monthly radio address Mann Ki Baat programme. He said that those who were born in the 21st century will become eligible for giving votes after 1st January, 2018. I congratulate our youth & urge them to register themselves as voters. "Indian democracy welcomes our 21st century "New India Voters", said the PM.

Young voters are believed to have played a key role in the BJP's sweeping victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and Modi's radio address clearly appeared to be aimed at the next set of new voters ahead of 2019, when he faces the electorate again.

"Usually there is a lottery system for selection of Haj pilgrims but I would like that single women pilgrims should be excluded from this lottery system and they should be given a chance as a special category", he said. "The power of vote is the biggest in a democracy", he said.

"When we talk of new India then that new India will be free from the poison of casteism, communalism, terrorism and corruption; free from filth and poverty".

Pitching for the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, he said a cleanliness survey will be conducted from 4th of January to 10th of March, 2018 to evaluate achievements in cleanliness level in our urban areas. "It is now the time that a system is created where newest development opportunities are easily accessible for the "New India Youth" as soon as they turn 18", said he.

Modi also spoke about Anjum Bashir Khan Khattak, who extricated from sting of terrorism and hatred and topped in Kashmir Administrative Examination.

"Almost 1300 Muslim women, from Kerala to North India, have applied to travel on Haj without a male guardian after we have scrapped that rule". He said, "Today, a lot of new opportunities have been created for the youth".

Modi also said: "January 26, 2018, will especially be remembered through the ages".

During his Mann Ki Baat address, the PM also mentioned that head of all 10 ASEAN countries will be the chief guests at the Republic Day celebrations which is a matter of great pride for India. This is unprecedented in India's history...