RI Firefighters Offer Free Rides on New Year's Eve

  • RI Firefighters Offer Free Rides on New Year's Eve

RI Firefighters Offer Free Rides on New Year's Eve

"We have a DD at all times", Shawntay Bracamontes said.

Can you order an Uber, Lyft or other rideshare on New Year's Eve? Yes. If you're going to drink on New Year's Eve, you'll need someone sober to drive you home so you're not risking the well-being of yourself and others, not to mention thousands of dollars in DUI penalties. "It's New Year's Eve".

DRYVER works similar to Uber and Lyft by allowing the customer to make a request for service via the app, but instead of a driver showing up in their own vehicle, DRYVER sends a pair of drivers, and one gets into your auto to drive you to where you want to go.

Crashing at someone's house overnight may seem like a solution, but St. Albert Transit won't be in service on New Year's Day. This means, if your fare is £10 and the surge is 2.5x, your final cost would be £25.

While Uber surge pricing will come as no surprise to Sydney's New Year's Eve revellers, the ride share giant has warned the increased cost will also apply to it's lesser known taxi partnership.

(Credit: Uber)How can I get a cheaper Uber?

To avoid paying more, Uber says, if you can, avoid riding between midnight and 3 a.m.

UBER, Lyft, and local taxis will also be out and about.

Prices for fares tend to spike during times of high demand. "Uber's fee percentage does not change during surge pricing", the company says. When Prime Time is in effect, passengers are alerted and required to confirm they accept the multiplier before requesting a ride. "Call them. Make contact with them, because they could be holding up traffic", Carner said.

Some challenges taxi drivers face are customers being too inebriated to remember where they live, getting sick in the auto and taking their time saying goodbye to friends while the driver waits outside. The result is wasted time and money lost for the taxi driver. "It's a service like a restaurant". "Drivers are going to take pictures of it. Uber assesses those charges, not the driver".