Palm Coast man accused of trying to electrocute pregnant wife, deputies say

  • Palm Coast man accused of trying to electrocute pregnant wife, deputies say

Palm Coast man accused of trying to electrocute pregnant wife, deputies say

Deputies in Flagler County, Florida claim a man tried to electrocute his pregnant wife with a booby trapped door.

Police reportedly responded to a call from a home in Palm Coast regarding some concerning statements Wilson had made.

Deputies observed that the front door to the home was barricaded, with burn marks near the handle. It reportedly produced a spark when they kicked it down.

"In light of perceptions made by the appointees on scene, it was obvious that the presume fixed electrical gadgets to the best entryway bolt and lower entryway handle trying to shock and cause genuine substantial damage or even passing to whomever endeavored to open and open the front entryway of the home", she said.

Wilson's wife, who was visiting family out of town, relayed the suspicious comments to her father, who then contacted police to ask if they would conduct a security check of a property.

The son-in-law, 32-year-old Michael Scott Wilson, was arrested Thursday in Knoxville, Tennessee, about 600 miles from Palm Coast, which is north of Daytona Beach.

In an incident the Flagler County sheriff is calling "one of the most freakish domestic violence cases I have seen in my career", deputies say Michael Scott Wilson, 32, attached electrical devices to the inside of the deadbolt lock and handle and warned his father-in-law not to let a child touch the door, according to a statement released Friday by the Flagler County Sheriff's Office. "Not only did this man plan to electrocute his wife, but he could have injured a deputy or any person attempting to enter this residence".

This is an ongoing investigation and additional charges are pending. She said he hadn't returned home from that point forward.

Wilson's wife told police he told her, "when you go up, make sure you use the front door because the garage door is not going to open" and "make sure [redacted] isn't with you because I don't want her getting hurt".

The News-Journal revealed that in the house delegates discovered photos of a sonogram on the kitchen table and sticky-note love letters in the room with a photograph collection demonstrating Wilson and his significant other together.

Wilson has an address listed in Lousiville, Tenn., according to court records. The page says Wilson changed his relationship status to "widowed". He is jailed on $150,000 bail and will be extradited to the Flagler County detention facility, the Sheriff's Office said.