Lindsay Lohan Got Bit by a Snake the Other Day

  • Lindsay Lohan Got Bit by a Snake the Other Day

Lindsay Lohan Got Bit by a Snake the Other Day

The positive side is: I'm OK!.

But if that Shamen is right, it sounds like she really could do with a new good luck charm, as she's apparently in a bit of debt and is being chased for around $100k (£75k) in taxes in the USA, owed from the years 2010, 2014 and 2015.

The American actress also showed fans a picture of her injury, which showed red marks across her skin.

The 31-year-old shared a video to her Instagram of her relaxing surrounds, before telling her 6 million followers about the nasty attack that happened during a hike.

The actress looked on the bright side, though, saying that she consulted her shaman about the bite.

The actress is now visiting Phuket, Thailand and, while on a hike during her vacation, a snake bit her. "Ciao. Actually, My shaman told me it was good luck and positive energy, so God bless!"

And despite all those bit parts, Lohan seemed good and, more importantly, healthier.

Lindsay Lohan is in serious debt. She told Turkey's Habertürk TV in 2016, "I became very involved with meditation - Deepak Chopra [and] transcendental meditation". I hope it wasn't venomous, and that she received medical attention if needed. That snake bite was probably less painful than having to pay that bill.

"I love this it's so lovely, an awesome place, aside from my snake bite". She's also talked about trying to get Mean Girls 2 going but, as it stands, she seems to really be the only one interested. I would compare myself to everyone...and later I did a film where I basically was told I was fat every day, yet I was the skinniest I'd ever been. I can have a private life and have a public life, but when I choose to. "I'm good, I'm really happy, I'm in a really good place".