Kodi Releases Version "18.0-Alpha1" for Xbox One

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Kodi Releases Version "18.0-Alpha1" for Xbox One

If you head over to the store on your Xbox One today, you'll find an option to download the free Kodi media player. The company said it looks and works the same way on any platform, and the UWP version is no exception. As the work of the code libraries was nearing its end we could finally announce that the first 64-bit Kodi builds were available for windows.

For example, Kodi can potentially turn the Xbox One into a DVR, something that Microsoft has promised but backtracked on.

The Kodi software itself is perfectly legal, however, and has been around for more than 15 years. Blu-ray and attached storage support is also a big missing feature, but I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before those get added in as other Xbox One apps now support external storage.

Last night, we reported that a Kodi Xbox One alpha app had been released and this morning Kodi has released a post detailing some of the features, issues, and caveats.

GroupMe is available from the Microsoft Store here. The app measures 240MB in size, and would soon see a wider rollout.

Xbox One has support for some of the Windows 10 applications so you can download media players like VLC or media servers like Kodi. In the early days of the Xbox, the gaming console was really just that: a gaming console. The Kodi app for Xbox One is an official and 100% legitimate affair, which makes it even more exciting.

An example of add-ons available for the Kodi Xbox One alpha app

This project originally started all the way back on the OG Xbox with the objective of developing a media center for it. The media tool was first released on the original Xbox in 2004.

Unfortunately, the Kodi app has become synonymous with piracy, courtesy of unlicensed plugins that allow users to unofficially stream movies, sports broadcasts, television shows, and more. However, it is much more than that.

Due to the nature of its legality, most users protect their networks via VPN to keep existing connections anonymous for obvious reasons.

"I won't talk about the exact numbers but the demand is super high, we are very, very excited about Xbox One X right now", Panos Panay, corporate vice president of devices at Microsoft, told CNBC in a TV interview Tuesday.

Kodi's arrival on the Xbox One is quite symbolic, as the Kodi project began life as the Xbox Media Player for the original Xbox console (the software was later known as the Xbox Media Center, then XBMC).