Florida State says its 6-6 record was legitimate for bowl eligibility

  • Florida State says its 6-6 record was legitimate for bowl eligibility

Florida State says its 6-6 record was legitimate for bowl eligibility

The full Reddit report by user bakonydraco is worth the read, but here's the bottom line: For Florida State's win over Delaware State to have counted toward its bowl eligibility, the Hornets would have to award at least 90 percent of its allotted scholarships. After requesting and accessing a report from the school's statistics, Reddit found that Delaware State used 87 percent of its scholarship grants-in-aid over a two-year period.

Earlier this week, a Reddit user presented credible evidence that Florida State should not have been eligible to play in next week's Independence Bowl against Southern Mississippi.

It's a very specific, odd wrinkle in the rule for bowl eligibility, but given the lengths that Florida State took to become bowl-eligible, fans have been quick to point to this potential hiccup in the Seminoles' postseason status. The reports, according to FSU, represent incomplete information and only reflect athletics scholarships received.

But as it turns out, the Seminoles should not be eligible to appear in their 36th straight bowl game.

It was pretty much a moot point, as neither Florida State, the NCAA nor the Independence Bowl had shown any signs that they planned on keeping the Seminoles out of the game.

The report stated Delaware State did not meet a quirky NCAA bylaw that states 90 percent of its roster must be on scholarship or aid to qualify as a game a team can count toward its record.

The report focuses on Florida State's 77-6 win over FCS team Delaware State on November 18.

"This monumental error should have been caught at three levels: the school, conference and NCAA", a bowl industry source told college football insider Brett McMurphy. The teams will face off at 1:30 p.m. EST on December 27.

Florida State was ranked No. 3 nationally to start the season but lost both its season opener to Alabama and starting quarterback Deondre Francois in the process to a season-ending injury.

"It's a matter between the NCAA, Florida State and Delaware State".