Damian Green had to go, but police face questions - Jeremy Hunt

  • Damian Green had to go, but police face questions - Jeremy Hunt

Damian Green had to go, but police face questions - Jeremy Hunt

As Mr Green's annual wage for being First Secretary of State was £67,505, that means the one-off payment he is entitled to is £16,876.25.

Speaking during a visit to Moscow, Mr Johnson said: "I'm very sad for Damian and I think he has been a fine public servant and done a great job, and hopefully one day he will come back and continue to serve in other ways".

"But clearly he did something that was a breach of the ministerial code and that's why Theresa May took the very hard decision that she did".

Mr Green, Theresa May's deputy resigned last night after he was found to have been dishonest in his claims not to know that pornography had been found on his computer.

The two police officers who revealed details of pornography found on computers inside Damian Green's parliamentary office could face prosecution over the leaking of the information.

The Cabinet Office investigation also looked into allegations of inappropriate behaviour made by Mr Green towards Tory activist Kate Maltby. Hunt said he was "she she didn't want him to go" and would have fired him with a "heavy heart".

I accept that I should have been clear in my press statements that police lawyers talked to my lawyers about the pornography on the computers, and that the police raised it with me in a subsequent phone call in 2013.

Conservative MPs are angry about the alleged actions of the two retired detectives, with Jeremy Hunt claiming they "did not sit comfortably in a democracy", something, he added, Theresa May "had made clear" in her letter to Mr Green.

May accepted the resignation of First Secretary of State Damian Green, her right-hand man and an old friend, in a letter, with what she called "deep regret", adding that she was "extremely sad".

She wrote in an article for The Times in November that Green touched her knee "fleetingly" in a London pub in 2015, when the two were meeting to discuss the possibility of a future career for her in politics.

"And those standards apply even to Cabinet minister who are the most senior as he was outside the Prime Minister, the most senior in the Cabinet".

Authorities raided Green's office in 2008 and examined his computers as part of a leak probe, according to The Telegraph.

Ms Maltby's parents, Colin and Victoria Maltby, said they were "pleased" the Cabinet Office inquiry had concluded.

His departure marks Mrs May's third Cabinet resignation in three weeks, after former Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon and ex-International Development Secretary Priti Patel stood down.