There's a Secret Message on the 'Time' Person of the Year Cover

  • There's a Secret Message on the 'Time' Person of the Year Cover

There's a Secret Message on the 'Time' Person of the Year Cover

TIME in its article says, " The hashtag #MeToo (swiftly adapted into #BalanceTonPorc, #YoTambien, #Ana_kaman and many others), which to date has provided an umbrella of solidarity for millions of people to come forward with their stories, is part of the picture, but not all of it.

The magazine cover bears the phrase, "The Silence Breakers" and describes the women featured as "the voices that launched a movement". Women like Taylor Swift, Susan Fowler, Adama Iwu, Ashley Judd, and Isabel Pascual all among those who make up "The Silence Breakers", the people who stood up to sexual predators and are now being recognized for "giving voice to open secrets, for moving whisper networks onto social networks, for pushing us all to stop accepting the unacceptable".

"In the bottom left of the cover, there is an arm where you just see the elbow and you don't see the person", Alter said.

The image is now a symbol of all the women and men out in the world who are unable to speak up about their experiences with sexual assault because it may negatively impact their lives.

One of the biggest movements this year was the #MeToo campaign which encouraged thousands of women across the world to break their silence on sexual assault and come forward with their stories.

"I started talking about Harvey [Weinstein] the minute that it happened", Judd revealed in the interview with TIME.

Over the course of the conversation around sexual harassment and assault, accusations of sexual harassment and assault also emerged against many other well-known names such as actor Kevin Spacey and comedian Louis CK.

"The reckoning appears to have sprung up overnight". "But it has actually been simmering for years, decades, centuries". "That's very intentional. That's an anonymous woman who is a hospital worker who was experiencing harassment and didn't feel that she could come forward [publicly]".

The magazine became embroiled in a Twitter row with Mr Trump over this year's award after he claimed he "took a pass" because the publication asked for the opportunity to meet him without confirming he would retain the title.