Here's The Most-Liked & Retweeted Tweets of 2017

  • Here's The Most-Liked & Retweeted Tweets of 2017

Here's The Most-Liked & Retweeted Tweets of 2017

While the tweet was "only" retweeted more than 3 million times, Wendy's came through with free chicken nuggets anyway.

Twitter has released its most retweeted and "liked" tweets of 2017.

The top four new U.S. political accounts were some of Trump's most forceful critics, led by @PreetBharara, the former federal prosecutor he fired. They all made the biggest splash on Twitter this year.

(Sad!) And much to his chagrin, his predecessor Barack Obama managed to make that not once, not twice, but three times.

The most tweeted activist hashtag was #Resist, as in resist Trump, followed by #MAGA for Trump's slogan Make America Great Again.

Half of the top 10 tweets reveal a year marked by tragedy and sorrow, from a Houston submerged in water, to a concert in Manchester, England, where a suicide bomber killed 22 people, including children.

The number one retweeted tweet came from Carter Wilkerson, who begged people to retweet him so that he could get a year's worth of free chicken nuggets from Wendy's.

Even in the USA -only year-end review, BTS took the top spot, with Nicki Minaj and One Direction's Harry Styles trailing just behind.

Curry, like other prominent players on the team, said that he didn't want to visit Trump in the White House. President Trump had none of his tweets on the list, "nor did any of his posts crack the top three tweets with the most likes", Politico reports.

Trump, however, can at least take satisfaction in the fact that he made the top of the list for both the most tweeted about elected world leaders and elected U.S. Leaders.