Trump, Democrats Cast Preemptive Shutdown Blame

  • Trump, Democrats Cast Preemptive Shutdown Blame

Trump, Democrats Cast Preemptive Shutdown Blame

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO): "As President Trump made clear today, fixing our broken tax code is about two things: helping hardworking Missouri families keep more of what they earn and ensuring there are more opportunities and better-paying jobs for every American".

In a speech to supporters in St Charles Missouri on Wednesday Mr Trump said he would not "name names" as he spoke at length about how other countries had attracted United States investment at the expense of America.

Trump was scheduled to meet with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday, but they canceled their meeting with the president after he tweeted that he didn't "see a deal" coming together as a result of the meeting with Democrats.

They added that they would seek to negotiate exclusively with congressional Republicans, whom they said at least work in good faith.

Democratic leaders in Congress skipped a meeting with President Donald Trump on Tuesday that was expected to have been focused on the budget, raising the risk of a government shutdown next month with both sides far apart on the terms of an agreement. "As Congress works towards a final package of tax cuts and reforms, I am hopeful that we can get this done to benefit agriculture and the entire American economy". Democrats hold significant leverage because Republicans do not have enough votes to pass a spending measure next week without some Democratic support. But he said Democrats "really want major tax increases", and he took specific aim at Democratic Sen. But even as they stood up Trump, Democrats were insisting they're not the ones who picked this fight.

Trump shutdown threat puts Washington, economy on uncertain course
Trump, Democrats Cast Preemptive Shutdown Blame

He added: "If it happens, it's going to be over illegals pouring into the country, crime pouring into the country, no border wall, which everyone wants". Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan also reprimanded their Democratic colleagues for not showing up, though it was possible to nearly miss their presence, sitting at far ends of the table.

The Washington Times: "The president said that the tax cuts would help unleash an economic revival that he said was already underway because of his policies...."

Whether Trump can make life hard for Democratic senators who oppose the GOP plan remains to be seen. McConnell suggested this was a very unusual move by Schumer and Pelosi. Lawmakers would like to pass a spending measure to fund the government through the rest of the 2018 fiscal year, which goes through September 30. Democrats want funding for a children's health insurance program that has lapsed. Trump and Republicans are blaming Democrats for being "petty". As an example, they want high taxes, we want cut taxes.

G. William Hoagland, a former Republican staff director for the Senate Budget Committee, warned, "When Republicans control the House and Senate and the White House, a government shutdown under their watch just looks like they can absolutely do nothing".