Has your iPhone started crashing in iOS 11.1.2? You're not alone

  • Has your iPhone started crashing in iOS 11.1.2? You're not alone

Has your iPhone started crashing in iOS 11.1.2? You're not alone

One of the most freakish chapters in the history of the Apple iPhone thankfully came to an end this morning when Apple pushed out iOS 11.2.

Besides the bug fix, iOS 11.2 includes the aforementioned Apple Pay for iMessage for United States users, new wallpaper options for iPhone X users, and a handful of other minor improvements. The default iOS keyboard would change "it" into "I.T" for no apparent reason. iOS 11.2 should fix that too.

The iOS bug is the second big software blunder from Apple this week. Apple may have rushed iOS 11.2 to fix this bug. The new version comes as a savior to the recent 11.1.2 update that caused the phones to malfunction.

As for the jailbroken iOS 11 beta, we are talking about the one showed at MOSEC by KeenLab. More than that, it's a problem beyond the code.

After updating, tap Settings Notifications and turn Allow Notifications on again for each app.

To disable notifications, go into Settings, select Notifications, and then tap any app that may be sending you local notifications to turn those off.

Control Center indicator. In an effort to help users know how to access Control Center on the iPhone X, iOS 11.2 adds a translucent horizontal bar to the top-right corner of the Lock screen, immediately beneath the status bar icons. You can also clear these out from this screen. Typically, Apple released major software updates at midday, but this one is. special. It brings Apple's peer-to-peer payment service, Apple Pay Cash to your device. However, this disabled several apps including Twitter. Around the world, users are reporting that after 12:15 AM, incoming notifications from apps that use daily or repeat settings can cause their devices to suddenly use 100 percent of the CPU and then soft reset.

Embedded as part of Messages, Apple Pay Cash allows users in the U.S.to send money to other Apple Pay users via a prepaid cash card which can be used for Apple Pay transactions.

The update includes addition of new wallpapers in iPhone 8, 8 plus and X. iPhone X users will also enjoy new live wallpapers. A few other tidbits are also included in this update. The more you upgrade it, the more hard is to get it cracked.

The new update is available on the iPhones 5s and later, iPads Air or mini 2 and later and the sixth generation iPod touch.

How do you turn off notifications for an app?

Additionally, the new iOS 11.2 update also brings new emojis to the camera app along with some updated emojis.