Paul Manafort's Chinatown apartment is part of his $11.7M bail deal

  • Paul Manafort's Chinatown apartment is part of his $11.7M bail deal

Paul Manafort's Chinatown apartment is part of his $11.7M bail deal

Lawyers for President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort said Thursday that they reached an agreement with prosecutors to free him from house arrest until his trial on federal money laundering and conspiracy charges.

According to court papers filed on Thursday, special counsel Robert Mueller's team has agreed that if Manafort posts the four properties - two in NY, one in Florida, and one in Virginia - it would be enough to ensure he doesn't flee the country or otherwise violate bail conditions.

"The OSC has agreed that the properties posted provide the reasonable assurance required under the Bail Reform Act", Mr. Manafort's attorney Kevin Downing wrote.

The deal is subject to approval by U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson of Washington, who ordered prosecutors Thursday afternoon to state their agreement with the proposed deal in writing.

In the proposal, Manafort agreed he will not travel overseas and that his wife, Kathleen, will turn over her passports, as he has already done. The properties will be seized should Manafort violate the terms of his release. And while Manafort was able to reach an agreement with the special counsel's office about bail, it does not mean that he's reached any agreement with respect to the 12-count indictment that a grand jury returned last month against him and his longtime associate Rick Gates.

In court filings, Manafort's lawyers said he had agreed not to travel internationally, or to leave Florida, New York, Virginia and Washington without permission from the court.

If Manafort doesn't appear in court as required, he would forfeit the four properties. He turned over his three USA passports to prosecutors after his arrest. They will payout a $10 million bond should Manafort fail to appear to for an official proceeding. The agreement, which still needs a judge's approval, would also allow Manafort to shed a Global Positioning System tracking device.