Jimmy Kimmel takes on Roy Moore: 'I accept the invitation'

  • Jimmy Kimmel takes on Roy Moore: 'I accept the invitation'

Jimmy Kimmel takes on Roy Moore: 'I accept the invitation'

Embattled Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore chose to pick a fight with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter, and it ended just as you would expect.

Kimmel made the comments in reference to a Twitter fight with Moore on Thursday.

The feud started after Kimmel sent a "Kimmel Live!" writer to disrupt Moore's speech at an Alabama church on Wednesday night, by shouting phrases like "Does that look like the face of someone who hits on teenage girls", and "Does that look like the face of a molester", while Moore spoke. And then when the girls and I show up, if you can control yourself and behave, if you can somehow manage to keep little Roy in your little cowboy trousers when those nubile cheerleaders come bounding in, you and I, we'll sit down at the food court, we'll have a little Panda Express and we'll talk about Christian values.

Kimmel replied: "Sounds great Roy - let me know when you get some Christian values and I'll be there!" We need these people, these high profile American citizens and TV hosts, to be out there every day, not only talking about these issues, but openly fighting back and mocking them, like Kimmel is doing, to remind this country just how disgusting the Republican Party has truly become. "Come down here and see us, you out-of-touch, Hollywood, liberal elite", to which Jimmy Kimmel responded, "Okay, but I'll leave my daughters at home". It's all on Twitter, but the bottom line is this: I accept the invitation.

Kimmel also explained what had initially sparked Moore's outrage.

"If you are, I accept by the way".

Later in his monologue, Kimmel's tone turned away from mockery and more seriously addressed Moore's challenge to come to Alabama. My charity will be the women who say you molested them. Alright, tough guy, with your little pistol?

"Roy Moore leads Doug Jones by five or six points, which doesn't say a lot for Doug".