Datally by Google Launched

  • Datally by Google Launched

Datally by Google Launched

Google has published its Best of 2017 list, highlighting the most popular apps, games, movies, books, and songs of the year. Among everything else, the one aspect that seems to hit them the most is the often extreme measures users adopt to save on data.

A simple but powerful and aptly named Photo Editor is the year's most popular new Play Store app, followed by the hilarious What The Forecast?! weather title, the free version of Boomerang's official Android app, TopBuzz Video for easy-to-find viral videos and amusing GIFs, and finally, Yarn - Chat Fiction, which isn't exactly well-reviewed, but it must be oft-downloaded.

Google has quietly updated the monetization section of its Play Store app developer policy with a new section on "lockscreen monetization". When you download some apps, like those developed by Cheetah Mobile (CM Transfer quickly comes to mind), they will not hesitate to show you ads when your device is plugged in (for charging purposes) while still connected to the internet. The controls placed on the front and center will help you to view real-time app data usage.

Android users' can wave all their data usage problems goodbye with the launch of Datally - a smart and simple Android app that helps smartphone users understand, control, and save mobile data. Datally requires regular monitoring by users, which can be annoying, but for users who are on slower mobile networks or have limited data cap, it can be helpful.

The app will also help find the nearest Wi-Fi sport, with ratings by Datally users. Plus, if you are more inclined to sports, your favorite sports teams can also be tracked with Google Now. It also allows users to allow or block any app they want from using mobile data.

There are situations when blocking every app from the data connection would not be viable. Named Datally, the app is aimed at optimizing our data resources by providing a detailed viewpoint of how our data is getting utilized, which includes details as to which app is consuming how much data, when is it being consumed the most and so on.

Datally also features a nifty button can block all data usage - users can press this if they want to restrict data usage exclusively for the app that is actually onscreen.

I install a tonne of apps on my phone.

App developers are pushing the envelope on a daily basis trying to improve and enhance our smartphone and tablet experiences. Having a separate app would help you in setting up restrictions for data usage as well. "The visibility gives users more confidence to use those apps". The app itself takes up only 6MB of space which is minuscule compared to other apps.