Windows Insiders Get Long-Awaited Timeline and 'Sets' Features

  • Windows Insiders Get Long-Awaited Timeline and 'Sets' Features

Windows Insiders Get Long-Awaited Timeline and 'Sets' Features

While Microsoft is still preparing to roll out the major update to Photos app, a Italian site has managed to test the app before the Insiders.

Microsoft's original goal was to have Windows 10 on 1B devices by 2018 but abandoned that goal previous year as the company began to give up on Windows Phone.

Sets will work with Timeline at some point, so you'll be able to go back in time and find a set as it used to be. Timeline is an extension of Windows 10's current Task View.

Sets is similar to the recently introduced Stardock application called "Groupy". The Microsoft Sets feature brings that style of work organisation to those whose productivity revolves around the use of its Office suite.

Microsoft is working on additional improvements to Photos, including a companion app for iOS and Android. Microsoft will also be adding the feature to other Windows 10 native apps like the File Manager or the Notepad, perhaps a custom title bar is in tow as well.

One reason why the name Sets fit in the picture is that the feature allows users to group apps for a objective. So if you want to try it as soon as possible, you should join Microsoft's Windows 10 beta program.

Premium content only available to Office 365 users, including Themes, Music and Special Effects. Microsoft will be using a phased approach to roll this feature out to testers so as to better hone the feature based on tester feedback, officials said, which means a relatively small subset of testers will get Sets immediately. Both new features come days after Windows 10 received Apple's AirDrop-like Near Share feature. Microsoft's Sets feature does so from within a root application that you start with. At first, Sets will work only with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications.

Sets sounds like an interesting new feature provided that Microsoft gets it right and won't create something that can not be managed easily.