Modi rakes up Indira Gandhi's Morbi visit to attack Congress

  • Modi rakes up Indira Gandhi's Morbi visit to attack Congress

Modi rakes up Indira Gandhi's Morbi visit to attack Congress

Modi's comment was an obvious riposte to the sarcastic dig that Rahul Gandhi has been taking at the Goods and Services Tax regime rolled out by the Centre earlier this year - calling it the "Gabbar Singh Tax" while referring to the many complications and confusions that common citizens have been facing in filing their tax returns over the past five months. Reacting to this, the Congress, in a hurriedly conducted press conference, said that the Modi-led BJP was scared of the outcome of the Gujarat Assembly elections and was thus resorting to cheap politics.

Gujarat votes in two phases on December 9 and 14 for the 182-member Assembly.

Bringing late PM Indira Gandhi into the campaign, Mr Modi recalled the Macchu dam flood tragedy of 1979 in Morbi and said: "I remember Indira Gandhi had come here and Chitralekha (a local language magazine) had printed her photo with a handkerchief over her nose, trying to avoid the stench, while another photo on the same front page had RSS workers carrying dead bodies".

"What kind of smartness is this. how has such an economist emerged here". This means Rs 37,000 debt on every Gujarati. On Thursday, the second leg of his campaign, Rahul Gandhi will conduct rallies in Lathi, Botad and hold a sabha in Nari Chokdi in Bhavnagar. "But for Jan Sangh/RSS, the streets of Morbi are fragrant".

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Amid reports that his rallies across Gujarat have been attracting fewer than usual crowds, with empty seats becoming a hitherto unthinkable fixture at his public meetings, Modi has perhaps chose to return to the basics while appealing to his followers to once again bring the BJP to power in Gujarat - a state that the saffron party has ruled for 22 consecutive years.

"Those who have helped us in times of difficulties should be remembered", he added. "For the BJP, it is the SAUNI Yojana and large pipelines that carry Narmada waters", he said.

"The signature of which is being talked of is different, neither it is the signature of Rahul Gandhi nor was this register ever given to him". Mr Modi addressed four rallies at Morbi, Prachi, Palitana and Navsari.

In his election rallies in the poll bound state, Gandhi has charged state and central governments of doing little for the poor people in Gujarat. The results will be out on December 18.