Civilization VI Getting Rise and Fall Expansion Pack

  • Civilization VI Getting Rise and Fall Expansion Pack

Civilization VI Getting Rise and Fall Expansion Pack

Today's announcement of Civ VI's first major expansion, Rise & Fall, is Firaxis' first attempt at addressing that.

There is a host of more minor changes and features as well.

Other new stuff includes the introduction of something completely new, an "Emergency Situation", global scenarios that kick off when something important happens.

It's not all doom and gloom for those stricken by a Dark Age, though, as this enables special policies that are only available during that time and paves the way for the more powerful Heroic Age, which acts similar to that of a "triple Golden Age". If you navigate a Dark Age carefully and complete the challenges posed to you, your next Golden Age will be a much stronger Heroic Age, giving you the edge even after you've slipped behind.

Civilization VI has some vast changes on the way-and that's before we've even mentioned the "nine new leaders and eight new civilizations" to be unveiled as the February release date draws near.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion is arriving February 8th, 2018. Learn from your mistakes, and you won't have to suffer for them through the entire game. "[Our] love, our passion, and our expertise are in expansion packs", said Strenger.

Loyalty, which is specific to each individual city, adds to this later-game balancing. They give unique bonuses when you crawl out of a Dark Age. The Civilization VI: "Rise and Fall expansion comes after a year of content and updates to Civilization VI, and marks the flawless time for both veterans and newcomers to take one more turn at building their empire." .

The aim behind these new Ages is to add an additional element of challenge and variety to the series. Treating your cities and people well will inspire loyalty, which keeps them happy and productive while also emanating a sort of "pressure", like religion does in the base game. Among the most interesting features include the addition of three new events that are meant to force players into adopting new strategies and changing the methods they have been using up to now. It's not like that in the real world - or in Civilization games. But if it's done right, Rise and Fall could be a seriously interesting addition to the long-running franchise.