Uber Hit With First State Lawsuit for Keeping Data Breach Secret

  • Uber Hit With First State Lawsuit for Keeping Data Breach Secret

Uber Hit With First State Lawsuit for Keeping Data Breach Secret

Washington state has sued ride-sharing company Uber, saying it broke state law when it failed to notify more than 10,000 drivers that their personal information was accessed as part of a major data breach.

"Uber's conduct has been truly stunning".

It's believed that more than 57 million Uber users were affected globally.

A spokesman for Uber told the BBC the firm is not able to clarify how many United Kingdom drivers are included in the 2.7 million.

The complaint alleges that "Uber executives were aware of the breach as early as November 2016", but nonetheless failed to provide notification until November 21, 2017-far exceeding the 45-day deadline. "Consumers expect and deserve protection from disclosure of their personal information".

According to The Chicago Tribune, Uber disclosed the data breach last week and said the company paid out $100,000 in an effort to silence hackers from exposing the breach to the public.

Hackers stole names, email addresses, and phone numbers of Uber's riders and drivers in October 2016.

The Data Privacy Act penalizes the concealment of security breaches involving sensitive information with imprisonment ranging from 18 months to five years and a fine of not less than PHP500,000.

The attorney general is seeking a penalty of $2,000 for each of the almost 11,000 Washington residents affected by the breach.

The suit is the first enforcement action under the 2015 amendments to Washington's data breach law, and the damages theory will likely amount to several millions of dollars.

Ferguson's lawsuit is the first from a state, although attorneys general in New York, Missouri, Massachusetts, Connecticut and IL have begun investigations, and the city of Chicago and Cook County have filed a lawsuit.

Uber also faces lawsuits filed by consumers over the issue.

"We are committed to changing the way we do business, putting integrity at the core of every decision we make and working hard to regain the trust of consumers", said Nathan Hambley, an Uber spokesman.