Philando Castile's girlfriend receives $800000 settlement

  • Philando Castile's girlfriend receives $800000 settlement

Philando Castile's girlfriend receives $800000 settlement

A jury found the officer who shot Castile not guilty this summer.

The council's resolution approving the settlement said, in part, that it resolves any claims related to the alleged detention of and use of force against Reynolds and her daughter, and any claims of racial discrimination or emotional distress.

Once approved by the court, a portion of the settlement will be placed into trust for Reynolds' daughter and her future educational needs, the city's statement said.

Bullets lodged close to Reynolds in the front passenger's seat and her 4-year-old daughter in a vehicle seat in back.

His Oldsmobile was pulled over on July 6, 2016, in Falcon Heights, a suburb not far from Minneapolis and St. Paul.

During the stop, Yanez asked Castile to show him his driver's license and insurance information, at which point Castile told Yanez he had a firearm, which he was legally licensed to carry.

While she and her 4-year-old daughter were not harmed during the shooting by officer Jeronimo Yanez, Reynolds and her child, whom she shared with Castile, was detained by the Roseville police. Yanez said he had stopped him for a broken taillight, but the officer said later he thought Castile looked like the suspect in a recent robbery. Ms. Reynolds was riding in the front passenger's seat.

Reynolds released a short statement Tuesday night, saying, "The settlement symbolizes that what happened to my daughter and I on July 6, 2016 was wrong".

"In order to further avoid further burden and expense to the City of St Anthony Village and to a bring to close all litigation relating to the tragic death of Philando Castile, the city has determined the approval of the settlement is in the best interest of St. Anthony Village", said Randy Stille, St. Anthony city council member. Not long after, Yanez agreed to a "voluntary separation agreement", leaving his police department with a payment of $48,500 as well as a payout for unused personal leave.