Pair attempt to jump into moving plane

  • Pair attempt to jump into moving plane

Pair attempt to jump into moving plane

Otherwise known as the Soul Flyers, the French duo spent several months training for the stunt organised by Red Bull.

Redbull video shows stuntmen Fred Fugen and Vince Ruffet successfully landing inside the plane through an open door, after free-falling 3200 metres.

A pair of wingsuit-flying nutbags have BASE-jumped off the summit of a mountain, and flown into the door of a passing airplane in the latest of Red Bull's outrageous stunts.

Red Bull, a company that is known for sharing insane stunts, posted a video on its website of two French wingsuit flyers jumping off the top of Switzerland's Jungfrau Mountain and landing inside a moving plane. When you're in the plane and you see your friend flying closer and closer, it's incredible.

Both landed awkwardly but safely before screaming with joy and hugging each other in celebration as the plane's crew congratulated them.

The pair said they wanted to recreate a stunt carried out by wingsuit flyer Patrick de Gayardon 20 years ago.

Fred Fugen and Vince Raffet managed to land inside of a small plane after jumping from one of the highest peaks in Switzerland.

"When we started to train, we thought it would be easier to be honest".

"We're used to jumping from the plane, but here you have to enter into it", said Reffet.