Grammy Snubs: What the Stars Are Saying (Or Not Saying)

  • Grammy Snubs: What the Stars Are Saying (Or Not Saying)

Grammy Snubs: What the Stars Are Saying (Or Not Saying)

However, it was quickly noticed that legendary group A Tribe Called Quest, who released their final album titled "We Got It From Here..."

You can see all Q-Tip's videos, which contain explicit language, at this official Instagram account.

Soon, the absence of Sheeran's expected nomination led to a Twitter "moment", as the social media platform announced that the "Grammys album category has no white men for the first time in 19 years". The last Tribe album? While Payne was a less likely contender, both Styles and Horan received generally positive reviews for the debut solo efforts, and both achieved a United Kingdom and US No.1 albums respectively. Thank You 4 Your Service, which boasted guest appearances by Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, Kanye West, Anderson.Paak and more and followed the death of founding member Phife Dawg in March 2016. "We been doing this [expletive] for [expletive] years!" he continued.

In the series of five videos he went onto express his anger at the awards show, criticising trustees for omitting "the most cultured black group out".

"We closed y'all show and we don't get no fucking nominations?" the rapper/producer said referencing Tribe's performance past year shortly after the death of Phife Dog. That's all we stood on.

Q-Tip closes out the clips by inviting watchers to the Kennedy Center, where he's Artistic Director for Hip Hop Culture, to celebrate LL Cool J's honors on December 3 and sending one last dis to the Grammys: "Fuck y'all Grammy niggas". The last Tribe album? "That's what we represented", Tip said. "It stands with everyone else's s— that's up there".

Producer Q-Tip took to Instagram where he vented his upset at being missed out, saying: "I'm sick of y'all f***ing Grammy n***as man". Jimmy ain't got none. For that album? I'm exhausted of biting my tongue all the f**king time and being all nice and s**t. Yes, I'm hot. Get off my lawn. "F*ck y'all Grammy ni**as, f*ck y'all!"