Google finally fixes the 'wrong' burger and beer emojis in Android 8.1

  • Google finally fixes the 'wrong' burger and beer emojis in Android 8.1

Google finally fixes the 'wrong' burger and beer emojis in Android 8.1

Notice anything different about the first and the second Cheeseburger emoji displayed above (aside from the fact that one says old and one says new, each being depicted in the type-set). The arrangement called for the patty to be placed first, followed by the cheese slice and then the lower bun to seal the deal.

And thanks to his vigilance, the forthcoming Android 8.1 release will include a more edible-looking emoji, with cheese layered on top of the patty.

Living up to its promise to "drop everything" and making sure that the cheese in its burger emoji was placed right, Google has finally corrected its "flawed" burger emoji. But for now, I think the forgiving process can begin. The newly-released Developer's Preview for Android 8.1 tallies to this. They're also correcting a couple of emojis that have bothered some people because as we all know by now, emojis are serious business.

Ever send a cheeseburger emoji in WhatsApp?

Google has updated its hamburger emoji following Internet outrage over the tech titan's upside-down sandwich. Later, Google also served "Android burgers" to its employees at its Seattle office.

The world took issue with the company's burger arrangement - cheese was put between the meat and bottom bun - sparking debate about how a good burger is arranged.

Nearly a month after a virtual war broke out over which lies first - the cheese or the patty - the Google CEO has delivered, with the cheese slice on top.

This was, supposedly, the very step, which lead the designers and developers to reverse their design decision. This caused a heated controversy over the correct order of the ingredients in the quintessential American staple food item.

Twitter, too, has transformed its burger from the one that only featured meat and cheese to a revised one with lettuce and tomato in its 2017 burger revision.