Destiny 2 Offline For Six Hours This Thursday

  • Destiny 2 Offline For Six Hours This Thursday

Destiny 2 Offline For Six Hours This Thursday

It was to be the third and last livestream promoting the expansion, but instead Bungie is penning a blog post that will address the state of the game.

Later on today, Bungie was scheduled to hold a livestream going over new details for Destiny 2's upcoming expansion, The Curse of Osiris.

"We had planned to conduct the final stream prior to the launch of "Curse of Osiris" to show off some of the weapons and armor the expansion includes". That's not happening now, and instead, the studio will invest "all efforts into delivering some higher priority information" about Destiny 2, and what Bungie's plan is moving forward.

The blog post is expected to go live early this evening United Kingdom time, when Bungie's Seattle studio awakes. Presumably it will tackle the touchy topic of microtransactions and so-called loot boxes.

Destiny 2 is an incredible game, however, once you have completed everything that the game has to offer, there is not much endgame content and Destiny 2 players have raised concerns over the apparent lack of Destiny 2 endgame content and Bungie has assured that they will soon address this issue. Having then deactivated the system, however, it was then discovered that Bungie had doubled the XP requirements for levelling up.

None of this has sat well with gamers, who are understandably miffed about the situation. However, I'm lurking, and I'm reading these forums and reddit every day, with morsels of hope of overwhelming improvement.Like I read in another comment, it's going to be tricky to get our feedback implemented on the back end development side, and as a result, I feel that Bungie's financials are going to take a large hit until things improve. It's nearly like they completely flipped the issues that they had in Destiny 1 and Desinty 2.

It's all part of a four-tiered effort by Bungie to improve the Destiny 2 experience, including better rewards for advanced payers, more control over rewards, making shards useful, and providing "general quality fixes wherever possible".