MSNBC's Scarborough backs CNN in Trump feud

  • MSNBC's Scarborough backs CNN in Trump feud

MSNBC's Scarborough backs CNN in Trump feud

(CBS4) - President Donald Trump spoke out against what he called "dishonest, corrupt, and/or distorted" media coverage about himself again on Monday.

Left out of his challenge: Fox News, the network most likely to have favorable news coverage of his administration.

In the video, they seemingly allude to the President by suggesting that some people might shout or write in all caps that an apple is a banana, attempting to subvert the truth.

Although it's unclear exactly what set Trump off, the president has long dismissed the network as "fake news", and has a contentious relationship with Jeffrey Zucker, CNN's president.

Shortly after, the president retweeted a missive by Dan Scavino, the White House director of social media, which noted that MSNBC's "Morning Joe" had pretaped its post-Thanksgiving show for Friday, with the hosts falsely bantering about holiday meals that had not yet happened.

The news comes folded into a story about Trump's support of Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused by six women of pursuing them romantically when they were teenagers, and by two of sexual assault.

The pattern seems to be that if news is negative about Trump, then it's "fake news".

Stelter said Trump's tweet, whether by design or coincidence, "reads like an invitation to undemocratic regimes around the world to harass CNN journalists with the blessing of the US president".

Trump tweeted that CNN "represent [s] our Nation to the WORLD very poorly". Since the tape's publication, Trump has been accused of sexual assault by several women, NY magazine reports. Earlier this month, he tweeted about "truth" and "lies" after Trump attacked his integrity, called him a "political hack", and cast doubt on the United States intelligence community's assessment that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 election.