Search goes on for missing sub as hope fades

  • Search goes on for missing sub as hope fades

Search goes on for missing sub as hope fades

"Two days before setting sail, there was a check of the whole operating system", navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said as a news conference on Saturday.

The round-the-clock global search for a submarine that has been lost in the South Atlantic for nine days is accelerating amid growing fears for its 44 crew members.

Hopes for survivors, already largely crushed by reports of an explosion, dimmed further as the ARA San Juan entered its 10th day missing - which is what experts had said would likely be the limit of its oxygen supply even if it remained intact beneath the sea. The Navy Captain said they have yet to determine the cause of the so-called explosion or whether the ARA San Juan, with 44 on crew on board, could have been attacked on November 15.

Argentina says sound detected in sub search comes from explosion
Argentina navy says missing sub was in good condition

"I'm here to guarantee you that we will carry on with the search, especially now that we have the support of all the worldwide community".

Argentinian President Mauricio Macri confirmed that the search would continue and that a "deep and serious" investigation would follow once the sub was found, of which he seemed confident. A Norwegian ship carrying a USA undersea rescue module was preparing to weigh anchor for the search zone, despite worsening weather. "They are gone, but are not 'dead'".

Since then, there has been no contact with the San Juan, and no signs of the ship or debris despite an intensive search. "It was a reliable submarine". Some relatives of the crew who have gathered there fear that their loved ones will no longer be rescued. "I'm waiting for a surprise, but I'm not really counting on it", Luis Tagliapietra, father of 27-year-old crew member Alejandro Damian Tagliapietra, told The Associated Press. Many have been critical of the official response, claiming the Navy was too slow in accepting worldwide offers of assistance and that the vessel had not been properly maintained. "We need to understand how a submarine that had undergone a midlife refit, and that was in flawless conditions to sail, suffered this explosion".