Meg Whitman out as CEO of HPE early next year

  • Meg Whitman out as CEO of HPE early next year

Meg Whitman out as CEO of HPE early next year

"Today, Hewlett Packard moves forward as four industry-leading companies that are each well positioned to win in their respective markets", said Whitman.

Whitman said that at the time, HP was an "enormous conglomerate" that confused customers because it was selling too many disparate products: servers, printers, computers, software, and others. Earnings fell 49% from a year ago. Last year, HPE spun off its IT services division, while the original Hewlett Packard split into HPE and HP Inc. back in 2014.

As previous CEO of eBay, Whitman made it a huge ecommerce avenue, to the point where it now rivals Amazon.

Whitman had been in talks earlier this year to become CEO of Uber, but talks ultimately broke down after word of the discussions got leaked. At one point, she was even reported to be taking Uber's CEO role but later confirmed she had no interest.

Ms. Whitman, 61, will retire in February, the company said on Tuesday. She also continues to be mentioned as a future political candidate, despite having been handily beaten in the 2010 California gubernatorial election by Jerry Brown.

XAutoplay: On | OffThe company said Antonio Neri, who was named company president in June, will replace Whitman. Whitman took to Twitter to announce she was going to remain as the company's CEO.

Neri has been with the company since 1995, working his way up to the company's top ranks.

"Given what she's done, there's not as many exciting things to do", Jayson Noland, a senior research analyst at Baird, told me at the time. He thinks the company is now in a "tremendous position to win". "I am fully committed to HPE and plan to remain the company's CEO".