Communications Director For Roy Moore Resigns

  • Communications Director For Roy Moore Resigns

Communications Director For Roy Moore Resigns

"I want y'all to talk about it Sunday night after church, and I want y'all to think in your brain - Judge Moore that we've known for 25 years". "They were girls when Roy Moore immorally pursued them".

Trump, who has faced his own collection of allegations of sexual misconduct, also wouldn't say whether he believes Moore's denials.

A retired Alabama police officer added to the allegations against Moore, telling MSNBC Nov. 21 that officers were instructed to keep him away from high school cheerleaders.

On Tuesday, Trump took Moore's side in the scandal by saying that Moore had denied the allegations and that "we don't need a liberal person. a Democrat", in the Senate.

Young said the campaign would not answer reporters' questions about the matter.

Before unloading on the conservative candidate, Taylor said Moore's defense against the accusations has not been "sufficient enough".

The candidate who spends the most doesn't always win the race, but I was amazed to see Politico report yesterday that Jones' campaign has "outspent Moore on television advertising by a 14-to-1 margin".

"Fox News can put out their fake polls and everyone else can too, but he's still winning and he's never been losing".

"You got nine women who come out - credible - laid their case out there, made that case to the people of Alabama, and the president is going to sit there and say, 'he didn't do it, '" Steele continued.

Beverly Young Nelson has said that Moore tried to sexually assault her when she was a 16-year-old waitress.

"According to records the media has not bothered to look at, we've been able to find that Corfman's supposed pickup place was nearly a mile away from her mother's house and would have been across a major thoroughfare", longtime Moore aide Ben DuPre stated, according to The Washington Post.

Moore's campaign was hit with a new crisis hours earlier when his communications director John Rogers abruptly quit.

However, Moore, a former chief justice of the Alabama state Supreme Court, has dismissed all the allegations and refused to withdraw from the December 12 special election.

Sessions said he had no reason to doubt Moore's accusers.

"Allegations are words; they are not facts". She said they were rumors.

"It's the general consensus that Moore and his policies are better than a Democrat".