Celebrities Mourn David Cassidy's Death With Memories Of The Star

  • Celebrities Mourn David Cassidy's Death With Memories Of The Star

Celebrities Mourn David Cassidy's Death With Memories Of The Star

David Cassidy, the actor and singer who first broke onto the scene in the television show The Partridge Family and became a teen heartthrob and major hitmaker, has died after going through multiple organ failure.

Cassidy, who had been battling dementia, was hospitalized November 18, and according to close friends was suffering from organ failure and needed a liver transplant.

Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson, singers Harry Connick Jr. and Gloria Gaynor, and Hollywood movie star Ben Stiller were among the dozens of famous faces who used Twitter to pay their respects to "The Partridge Family" star.

Cassidy, who announced earlier this year that he had been diagnosed with dementia, died surrounded by his family, a family statement released by publicist JoAnn Geffen said. "The focus of it all was David Cassidy, singer and star of television's The Partridge Family, and the current idol of nearly every 13 year old girl in America".

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Celebrities Mourn David Cassidy's Death With Memories Of The Star

"Oh, they're cute. They get flustered and I get flustered, and it's all kind of fun", Cassidy said of his devotees in 1972, when he was 21. In the February People magazine article, Cassidy, who was public with his struggles with alcohol abuse, described a strained relationship with his daughter with former model Sherry Williams.

In an attempt to spice up his squeaky-clean image, Cassidy posed nude in a photo shoot for Rolling Stone in 1972. The controversial nude photo almost jeopardized Cassidy's career on The Partridge Family one year after the fictional TV band was nominated for Best New Artist at the 1971 Grammys. In the memoir Could It Be Forever, he wrote of his prolific sex life and claimed he'd rejected Dey's advances. I was her biological father but I didn't raise her. "She has a completely different life". It's a Plane... It's Superman..., his mother Evelyn Ward also enjoyed success as a musical theatre actor, succeeding Gwen Verdon in the Tony-winning Broadway musical New Girl in Town. Eventually, she reportedly touched base with Cassidy's son, Beau, who agreed to help but failed to follow through.

He also said to have had sparked the "Cassidy-mania", with young fans buying pillowcases, lunchboxes, bubblegum and other items adorned with the actor's image. Cassidy, who only learned during tryouts that Jones would play his mother, anxious that Keith Partridge would be a "real comedown" from his previous roles.

Tributes to Cassidy have been widely shared on social media.