Parliament Statement on Latest Developments in Zimbabwe

  • Parliament Statement on Latest Developments in Zimbabwe

Parliament Statement on Latest Developments in Zimbabwe

Former finance minister Tendai Biti said on Thursday that Zimbabwe needed to mend relations with foreign donors to help kickstart an economy critics say was run into the ground by long-time President Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe resigned Tuesday following military takeover of government and protests by Zimbabweans for him to resign.

Johnson says Mugabe played a major role in the creation of an independent Zimbabwe but had "allowed that legacy to be squandered and his country went, I'm afraid, to wrack and ruin".

"As Zimbabwe's oldest friend we will do all we can to support this, working with our worldwide and regional partners to help the country achieve the brighter future it so deserves".

The new government, the ERC said, must focus on strengthening state institutions such as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Goodman said he was overwhelmed by the news.

"During 37 years of President Mugabe's leadership, tens of thousands of people were tortured, forcibly disappeared or killed".

"Mr Mugabe's hands are far from clean and there is clear "reason to believe" that he orchestrated a series of massacres, known as the Gukurahundi, against the Ndebele people in the early 1980s".

"Working with our South African friends, with everybody in the region, that is what we are going to be encouraging, that is the choice we are going to encourage the Zimbabweans to make".

That decision was seen by many as clearing the way for Mr Mugabe's wife, Grace, to succeed her husband as leader.

Also, Zimbabwean ruling Zimbabwe African National Union, Patriotic Front party called for Mugabe's resignation.

However, Mugabe and his family own several properties in South Africa and the couple's two sons, Robert Jnr and Chatunga live there.