PUBG's Chinese Release Will Be Changed to Promote "Socialist Core Values"

  • PUBG's Chinese Release Will Be Changed to Promote

PUBG's Chinese Release Will Be Changed to Promote "Socialist Core Values"

Today, Chinese tech giant Tencent announced it won the the exclusive rights to officially release and operate PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in China. Because of that, Tencent said it will work closely with PUBG Corporation and the Chinese authorities to change the game in necessary ways to keep it legal in the country.

"[Tencent] will make adjustment to content. and make sure they accord with socialist core values, Chinese traditional culture, and moral rules", the company said in a statement, as reported by Reuters. This is similar to the situation we saw with Counter Strike: GO in China where Perfect World had to remove and edit some elements of the game prior to official launch.

With China getting their own servers and rules that will keep the game in service, everyone involved in PUBG, including the corporation, Tencent, Chinese national and all other worldwide players, benefit from this change. "We will do our best to present a great game to the Chinese users in close cooperation with the company".

"PUBG is now the most popular survival shooter game and is enjoyed by users all over the world", Tencent senior vice president Steven Ma said. The title will now be the product of a collaboration between PlayerUnknown, BlueHole, and Tencent in China. "We will also offer a different, fun experience on PC".

Tencent's top-grossing "Honour of Kings" is No.2.

There's also the fact that Tencent was criticized earlier this year for getting selling violent video games to children.