OnePlus 5T passes the torture test with flying colours

  • OnePlus 5T passes the torture test with flying colours

OnePlus 5T passes the torture test with flying colours

Android smartphones that support Project Treble would be able to receive faster software updates since it will no longer be re-optimized by OEMs before pushing them out to users, according to Android Authority. Early on, a OnePlus fan asked if the company will release a "T" model every year. OnePlus has also made some decent improvements to the camera system as well.

The OnePlus 5T has already survived JerryRigEverything's durability test ─ with flying colors, if we may add. Although OnePlus 5T comes with a face recognition tech, many don't find it secure enough as reports have been floating around that the tech can be fooled using a mere print of the face.

Since the OnePlus 5T has been launched at the same price tag in India as the OnePlus 5, the former makes the latter outdated as it comes with better technology.

Continuing with its precedent of introducing a "T" variant - OnePlus 5 that came five months ago became the bestseller - 5T with a few hardware changes and no change in pricing makes OnePlus 5 nearly obsolete.

While there is no change on the battery front when compared with OnePlus 5, the device lasted an entire day on a single charge on moderate use. Will you be upgrading from the five-month-old OnePlus 5? Project Treble is the answer to this major problem Android is facing since its launch. Well, the OnePlus 5T took just 6 hours to break past all previous set highs.

In addition to enhancing the visual appearance of the 5T, the large 6-inch display helps to improve the overall user experience. The OnePlus 5T's dual-lane storage, based on UFS 2.1, ensures faster app loading and read/write speeds. OxygenOS offers a refined Android experience that is faster, cleaner and more customizable than other Android experiences. The 6GB RAM+64GB storage variant is priced at Rs 32,999 and the 8GB RAM+128GB internal storage variant will bear the price tag of Rs 37,999.

Rest of the deal stays put.