Kushner Urged Trump to Fire FBI Director Comey

  • Kushner Urged Trump to Fire FBI Director Comey

Kushner Urged Trump to Fire FBI Director Comey

The investigators are questioning witnesses about Kushner's role in a December 2016 dispute regarding a United Nations resolution condemning Israel's continued construction of settlements in the West Bank, people familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal.

Jared Kushner is catching flak from special prosecutor Robert Mueller over a number of undisclosed interactions with foreign officials previous year, according to a new report that signals the expanding scope of the investigation into Russian election meddling. But according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Mueller and his team remain deeply interested in many of Kushner's dealings.

Mueller's investigation is also looking into Kushner's role in setting up meetings and communications with foreign leaders during Trump's transition, according to the Journal.

The probe is part of a larger investigation by Mueller into Kushner and his conversations with foreign leaders, including Israelis, during the two month transition period between the November election and the time that Trump took office.

The Trump team's opposition was well known at the time.

In February, Foreign Policy magazine reported that Michael Flynn, who briefly served as Trump's national security adviser before being ousted over contacts with foreign officials, led a "vigorous" effort against the vote at Israel's request, calling ambassadors of states on the council in a bid to have them change their vote against the resolution, to no avail. However, in an interview with NBC, the president noted that the FBI's Russian Federation investigation also played a role. The resolution passed 14-0 as the Obama administration opted not to use its veto power despite the incoming Trump administration and Israel's lobbying.

The investigation of Kushner's actions falls apparently falls within Mueller's mandate because it involves rumors that President-elect Trump assigned his son-in-law to see whether Russian Federation could be convinced to veto the resolution once it was clear that Obama would not.

Prior to the election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with both presidential candidates, Trump and Democratic contender Hillary Clinton.

Special council Robert Mueller's team is looking into Jared Kushner's talks with Israeli officials back in December, ahead of a UN Security Council anti-settlement vote which the Obama administration had chosen not to veto.