Congress to give reservation to Patidars: Hardik Patel

  • Congress to give reservation to Patidars: Hardik Patel

Congress to give reservation to Patidars: Hardik Patel

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal thanked Hardik Patel for declaring his support to the party after it accepted the Patidar community's quota demand, and said their united fight would ensure that the BJP was dethroned.

Days ahead of the crucial Gujarat Assembly election, Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) convener Hardik Patel on Wednesday broke his silence on the tie-up with the Congress. He added that Congress will have to put this reservation formula with details, in their manifesto.

Congress said it would do so with the help of Article 46 and Article 31 (C) of the Indian Constitution, he said. Though the Dalit leader did not explicitly commit that he would campaign for the Congress, he said he would do everything possible to prevent the BJP from coming to power in Gujarat.

"Congress has promised that a survey would be carried out among the Patels and other forward communities as per the provisions of the OBC commission, and based on economic, social, educational and employment parameters, those provisions would be used to extend reservation benefits to those communities", he said. The PAAS leader said the Congress had "accepted all issues" and had agreed to give Patidars reservations if they won the Gujarat polls.

Upholding the Mandal Commission recommendation that extended reservation to OBCs, the court had in 1992 capped the quota at 50%.

The Patel leader said there were no differences with the Congress over seat-sharing. "So directly or indirectly, there will be support to Congress", he said.

Hardik Patel claimed that reservation above 50 percent can be given in Gujarat since at least 9 states have already given reservation to deserving categories above 50 percent.

Recently, the Supreme Court rejected the Rajasthan government's plea to provide reservation to Gujjars which would have otherwise raised the reservation ceiling beyond 50%.

"First we have to fight elections and win. You can deceive the people and yourself, but in elections only those promises can be made to each other and the public that can be implemented".